[Beginners must see] How to choose the right makeup bristles

[Beginners must see] How to choose the right makeup bristles

Beginners must see] How to choose the right makeup bristles

I believe that the little fairies who have just stepped into the makeup industry will be a little confused about the categories of various brushes while planting various makeup brushes.

Today, I will share with the novice fairies the advantages, disadvantages and characteristics of various types of bristles. Learn to choose the makeup brush that suits you.

First! The most basic bristles of makeup brushes are divided into natural hair and artificial fiber hair.

Animal hair is relatively soft and has natural hair scales. Compared with man-made fiber hair, it has stronger powder grasping power. It is generally used in powdered beauty products, such as loose powder, blush and eye shadow. The biggest disadvantage is that it is more difficult to take care of, and the price is relatively relatively expensive

Man-made fibers are smooth to the touch because they do not have scales. They are suitable for some liquid or cream-based beauty products but have a weaker powder grip. Powdered cosmetics such as blush will take more time, but they are cheaper and cost-effective. High, easy to care for, long service life, recommended for beginners to consider man-made fibers

Beginners must see] How to choose the right makeup bristles1

Next, let’s talk about the most common types of animal hair.

Goat hair is a more common bristle material, soft and durable in texture, with a certain elasticity, and the powder taking power is relatively good. Compatible with most brush types such as powder brushes, blush brushes, contour brushes and eyeshadow brushes. At the same time, it is divided into 7 grades: fine light peak, medium fine light peak, medium light peak and so on.

The most often heard of squirrel hair is the squirrel hair ~ the feeling of brushing on the face is very soft and comfortable, but the corresponding powder grasping ability is relatively weak, and there is not much elasticity. Therefore, it is generally used for blush and contouring. However, because of the weak grasping power, it is suitable for beginners, and it is not easy to play heavy hands.

Yellow wolf tail hair can be said to be very top hair! The hair is soft and tough, moderately soft and hard, and is generally more commonly used for eye shadow brushes, nose shadow brushes and other small makeup brushes, but there is a disadvantage that it is more expensive…

Horsehair: The elasticity and softness are average, and the face will also feel a certain irritation, but it is still good at catching powder. And the advantage is cheap, many novices will choose to start with horsehair makeup brushes

Post time: Apr-26-2022