What are different ways to clean makeup sponges?

What are different ways to clean makeup sponges?


Cleaning your beauty blender the right way is always a challenging thing. Check these simple hacks you can try with your blender.

1.Clean Your Blender With Liquid Cleanser Or Soap
When It’s Been Heavily Used, Cleanser Is A Great Way To Get It Thoroughly Cleaned
.Squeeze your sponge under running water until it has completely expanded.
.Add the liquid cleanser or soap. If you’re using bar soap, rub the sponge back and forth until you build up lots of soap. If you’re using a cleanser, apply it directly to the sponge and start pressing the sponge back and forth in your palm.
.When you see that the white suds have absorbed all the makeup, rinse the sponge under running water until the water is clear.
.Set the sponge aside to dry.
This method can be a bit drying on your sponge. If you’re concerned about sponge replacement, get a durable silicone makeup sponge, or save this for a scheduled monthly cleaning instead of a regular rinse.

2. Soak Your Blender
This Is The Way To Get All Stains Off Your Sponges
.Fill a container with water and squirt in several drops of liquid cleanser.
.Soak your sponge in the solution for several minutes.
.After your sponge has been soaking for a while, rub your sponge into a soap bar. Concentrate on lathering up the stained areas.
.When the old makeup starts coming out and mixing with the suds, run the sponge under clean water and squeeze it several times.
.Set the sponge aside to completely dry.

2.Clean Your Blender In The Microwave
This One-Minute Extra Hack Makes Cleaning A Breeze
.Make a mixture of liquid cleanser and water in a cup. You can also use baby shampoo or dishwashing soap for this. Make sure there’s enough mixture in the container to completely cover the sponge.
.Wet the sponge in running water.
.Fully submerge the sponge in the cup.
.Microwave the cup for approximately one minute.
.Wait at least half a minute before you pull the sponge out of the cup. The mixture should now have absorbed all the makeup residue, and your sponge will look good as new.
.When the water has cooled down, rinse your sponge under running water and squeeze it out.
.Set your sponge aside to dry.
Regularly cleaned makeup tools will last a lot longer! If you follow these simple steps, you won’t have to keep tossing out your old sponges. Prevent bacterial infections and make your beauty blender less prone to damage – use any of these three easy cleaning methods for a cleaner blender and a blemish free face!

Post time: May-27-2022