Why you should clean cosmetics during coronavirus outbreak

Why you should clean cosmetics during coronavirus outbreak

During the coronavirus:

Are you bored and idle?

Do you think you don't need to makeup since you stay home,and nobody appreciates?

No,in fact,there are many things you need to do,such as,clean your makeup brushes, sponges and throw out expired beauty products

If you're staying indoors, now it is the perfect time to clean your makeup brushes & sponges, as the virus can live on surfaces for hours and sometimes days.

It's also worth throwing out expired products while you have free time, since they can harbor bacteria that causes other infections.

Maybe someone says that we usually have cleaning makeup brushes & sponges,and we we don’t need to clean them anymore,as we don’t makeup.However,as we know,usually we need work,although sometime we clean our makeup brushes & sponges,i think most of people clean them in a hurry time like me. So now,you have more time to clean your brushes & sponges,and wash them more thoroughly. Then store after dry.

PS: We really felt so sorry about the worse corona virus situation in the world.

This virus is a little complicated.Some patients don't have any symptom at the beginning. So we never know who has virus around us.

Really hope everyone can take care and keep safe, and wear mask if necessary for outside.

Hope virus ends soon!

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Post time: Jun-16-2020