Did You Use the Right Makeup Brush?

Did You Use the Right Makeup Brush?

Did You Use the Right Makeup Brush?


Yeah, that’s the question I want to ask you, did you use the right makeup brush?


We always encounter these problems when we make up.

For example, it’s hard to make our foundation make-up evenly, the smudge effect of eye shadow is not natural, It is easy to stick lipstick on the teeth… At this time, we need to check our makeup brushes. The texture of the bristles is very important, as well as the size of make-up brush.


For foundation brush, the bristles can’t be too hard, otherwise it will make our cheeks uncomfortable, hurt our face and bad base make-up will follow us all day. We need to choose a foundation brush with soft hair, Nylon hair is a good choice, we call it artificial mane in USA.


For eye shadow brush, the size is very important, we need to choose the eye shadow brush that suits our needs. Most of time, it’s necessary to have an eye shadow set, for example, halo dye brush, eye tail brush, eye defining brush…In addition, the eyeliner brush is also very important. Commonly used for eye brushing: weasel hair, squirrel hair, horse hair, nylon hair…


For lip brush, the bristles need to be a little hard, so we can have a clear lip line, oblique lip brush and round lip brush are both necessary for a perfect lip makeup. The material of mane, horse hair, nylon for lip brush are good choices for us.


There are also other brushes, such as the blush brush, eyelash brush, loose powder brush, high gloss brush and eyebrow brush, etc.

Mycolor can provide all kinds of makeup brushes for you.

OEM/ODM is also welcomed.


Post time: May-23-2019