How to choose a good makeup brush?

How to choose a good makeup brush?

How to choose a good makeup brush?


A makeup brush is a tool with bristles, applied for make up or face painting. Nowadays, more and more people who are seeking better makeup prefer to get a good brush. Because a good brush can help to use makeup products more convenient and make a more exquisite look.


Then how to choose a good makeup brush?


At first, to evaluate a makeup brush good or bad, the key symbol is the quality of its bristles. Bristle can be made of many kinds of materials, and we can simply summarize them into two big kinds: synthetic hair and animal hair.

To distinguish if the brush hair is synthetic or animal hair, the most straight way is to smell it. Animal hair always has some gamy smell. If the smell is not so obvious, we can also use a hairdryer to blow the makeup brush with hot wind or just burn a hair with fire, because when under a high temperature, animal hair can always stay the same. But synthetic hair may have some little changes. It may looks a little bit curly.

No matter what kind of brush bristle we choose,

  1. Its toes should have a smooth touch. This is very important for our own use feeling and skin health.
  2. The bristle should be impacted and full.
  3. Clamping some bristle and carding them with our finger, if the bristle is easy to fall off, it means the brush is not qualified. Threw it away. Bad brush can only bring trouble and uncomfortable feeling to our makeup experience.
  4. Pressing the bristle slightly at the back of our hand and make it to draw a semicircle. Take care of the tailoring of these bristles. If they look regular, it is a good makeup brush.

     Here are 4 easy methods for us to evaluate our makeup brush. What’s more, if we want to get a more satisfied makeup brush, we can also start with the material of its ferrule and handle. There are many kinds of materials that can be used to make a good makeup brush, you can choose it freely in the market or just contact us. 

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Post time: May-23-2019