How to store a makeup sponge?

How to store a makeup sponge?

How to properly store a makeup sponge?


Properly storing your makeup sponge is just as important as cleaning it. This step prevents your tool from becoming infected with bacteria and mold. If you totally keep your makeup sponge in its original container, you've already thrown it away, it's best to keep in its own dry container or makeup bag like the ones below:

1.Beauty Egg Protection Capsule

The flexible silicone case can house a variety of makeup sponge sizes. The best part? Because of its material, there’s no danger of it accidentally breaking!

makeup sponge package

2.Makeup Sponge Spring Storage Rack

The pretty sponge holder will allow you to dry and store the tool in it! Plus, it will look really pretty on your vanity.

makeup sponge shelf

3.Microfiber Blending Sponge With Case

This clear sponge case is so travel-friendly because it's light, compact, and can fit both regular and small makeup sponges!

 Egg Sponge


Post time: Dec-16-2019