How to store your makeup brushes?

How to store your makeup brushes?

Makeup brushes are essential makeup accessories, but they can easily get misplaced if you don’t have a good storage system.

To store your brushes at home, place them in a brush holder, organizer, or stackable drawers. These make your vanity or dresser look pretty and help you to easily locate your brushes. If you are travelling, opt for a compact bag, wrap, or brush book to protect your brushes. Each of these options are easy, inexpensive ways to organise your brushes.

Organising Your Brushes at Home

1.Place the brushes into a commercial makeup brush holder for easy access.Place the brushes into the holder with the bristles facing upward to protect them from damage. If you live in a dusty area, use a makeup brush holder that has a lid on it to avoid them getting dirty.

2.Utilise a brush organizer if you want a stylish option. These organizers are made from glass or perspex and have crystals at the bottom of each compartment to help the brushes stand upright. The different coloured crystals make the brush organizer a beautiful feature piece, and the see-through compartments make it quick and easy to locate the makeup brush you want to use.

3.Use stackable drawers if you’re short on space. If you prefer your vanity or dresser to have a minimal look, use perspex stackable drawers to organise your makeup brushes. Lie your brushes in the drawers to keep them easily accessible.

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Storing Your Brushes for Travelling

1.Opt for a brush book to maintain the shape of the brushes. A brush book is a great investment if you want to protects your brushes while you are on holiday or if you are transporting your brushes. Simply slide each brush under an elastic band inside the brush book and then zip up the case. The separate slots stop the brushes from rolling around and getting out of shape.

2.Use a wrapped leather holder to prevent the brushes from touching. These holders roll up into a small compact cylinder. The separate compartments within the holders means that the brushes don’t touch each other, which reduces the risk of them getting damaged. Simply slip each brush into a compartment and roll up the holder.

3.Choose a makeup bag or case with compartments to store your brushes. Sticky or leaking makeup bottles can quickly soil your brushes. To keep your brushes clean, choose a makeup bag that has separate pockets, sleeves, or bags that you can use to store makeup brushes.

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