Jessfibre-The newest synthetic hair material solution in brush industry

Jessfibre-The newest synthetic hair material solution in brush industry


We have developed a new hair recently, Jessfibre, which we have applied the patent for.

And only we have this hair at present.

Jessfibre is also the newest synthetic hair material solution in global brush industry.


Features of Innovative Jessfibre

1. High-Technology:  Innovative Jessfibre is designed and produced completely basing on characteristics of animal hair, introducing the cutting-edge production technology.

2. Advantages over existing fibre in the market: 
Adopting innovative physical design of animal hair, Jessfibre is softer, more resilient and rigid inside, and more fluffy and airy on the top.
Cruelty-free Jessfibre touches very smooth with no hurt to face. It picks up and distributes powder better for a flawless look.

3. Cost:  Jessfibre picks up and distributes the powder as better as Animal hair, but at much cheaper price.

4. Cleaning: Jessfibre is very fluffy and resilient. Cosmetics grease doesn’t remain on bristles. It is quite easy to clean without any deformation.

5. Patent:  We have applied the patent for Jessfibre. Only we can do this material at the present.

The newest and softest Synthetic hair material solution in the global brush industry.  Cruelty Free & Vegan

Here is a video for a makeup brush with Jessfibre for your reference.

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Post time: Oct-28-2019