New Year’s Makeup for Chinese Girl

New Year’s Makeup for Chinese Girl

As China Lunar New Year(the Spring Festival 1/15~2/2) is coming, Most of the business shuttered and Chinese family will get together to enjoy their happy family time. Of course, it’s also a good time for Chinese family to visit relatives and friends. So, how to make a suitable makeup for the Spring Festival?

Chinese traditional esthetic means natural and graceful. From the end of 20th, economic boom, more and more production spring up and Chinese society start to become comprehensive and Colorful. So during these years, makeup is more and more popular in Chinese people’s daily life, people makes different makeup as their own sense of style.

For young people, most of the relatives are elders, they are all born at 60’s or 70’s even earlier. To get along with them is the most important thing during Spring Festival. Of course you can makeup whatever you like and do not need to care other people’s concept just like what I always do, but if the people you will meet is really important, it’s better to make a natural makeup for this important time.

What it looks like for a natural makeup by Chinese traditional esthetic?


Youd better not try:

1. Bling Bling eyeshadow makeup图片1

Some of the elders think it’s lovely but some may think it’s too shining and even a little bit strange.


2. Too many Dark color or shining color eyeshadow.图片2

Red style may looks more striking and jubilant, but it need more makeup skills, so it’s better not to try too many red and any other striking colors such as dark blue and green on your face.


3.Dark color lipsticks.图片3

Same as the eyeshadow.


4. Heavy foundation and contour.

The contour should be slight and natural, don’t apply too many foundation on the face but pay more attentions to concealer.

Youd better try:

1. Pink/cream-coloured or orange style makeup.

Use suitable eyeshadow brushes and apply your eyeshadow slightly, synthetic hair brushes will be better, cause animal hair brushes may take more powder and it’s hard to control the use level.


Use lip brush to draw a the shape of your lip and fill the blank, pink+ orange is the most popular lip color for a family meeting. It will make you looks graceful and lovely.


2. Thin foundation and contour.

Of course pay more attentions to concealer, flawless face is the best look for traditional esthetic. Use  good quality concealer brushes will be better than your finger. Angled contouring brushes and round blush brushes will be helpful too. The blush color should near to the eyeshadow color and also be light.

3. Suitable makeup brush set.

You’d better to makeup with a high quality and beautiful makeup brush set, it will help you to makeup easier and comfortable.


 beauty brush set tools





Post time: Feb-10-2020