The difference between Synthetic hair and Animal hair

The difference between Synthetic hair and Animal hair

The difference between Synthetic hair and Animal hair


As we all know that, the most important part of a makeup brush is the bristle.

The bristle can be made from two kinds of hair, Synthetic hair or Animal hair.

While do you know what’s the difference between them?

  Synthetic Hair Animal Hair
Hygiene and Cleaning Smooth fibres lack a cuticle, making it easier to clean thoroughly. Has an irregular surface (due to cuticles) which traps powders, dead skin cells, bacteria and chemicals. Cleaning may not necessarily remove all these particles.
Best Uses Cream, gel and liquid. Powders can also be applied with the textured synthetic bristles. Powder makeup products.
Feel on Skin Bristles tend to be firmer, though more flexible versions are available. Bristles can vary from very soft and fluffy to firmer, depending on type of hair used.
Durability Stands up to solvents and doesn’t dry out. Keeps shape well. Dries quicker than animal hair after washing. Over time with washing and cleaning, hair is prone to breakage, drying out and can lose its shape. Hair may shed.
Ethos Cruelty free. No protein element, so vegan friendly. Animal treatment issues.
Bristles Made From Man-made materials like nylon, polyester Animal hair from squirrels, goats, horses, badgers and weasels


Now our company has developed a new hair recently, Jessfibre, which we have applied the patent for.

Jessfibre is the newest Synthetic hair material solution in the global brush industry.

It picks up and distributes the powder better than common synthetic hair we used before.

Jessfibre can reach as good effects as animal hair, but much cheaper and easier to clean.

Now only our factory have this Jessfibre. Are you interested?

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Post time: Oct-25-2019