The importance of angled contour brush

The importance of angled contour brush

For many years, ‘contouring‘ was a word spoken only by those in the beauty and fashion industry, and a trick guarded by runway models and top makeup artists.

Today, contouring is a YouTube sensation, and this makeup step is no longer a secret of the professionals.

Everyday people are incorporating contouring into their beauty routine.

With an appropriate contour shade and well-designed brush, you can also define your favorite features and restructure your face shape with the power of makeup alone.

However, how can we make a good contour makeup?

Choose Angled Contour Brush – this is a great tool for sculpting and accentuating your face’s best features

“Contouring brushes are often angled to help achieve precision and symmetry,” says Fisher. “The shape of the brushes are designed for the natural angularity of the face, which makes contour not as intimidating.”

Use the angled edge to apply a darker foundation shade or bronzer precisely in the hollow of your cheeks.

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Post time: Nov-15-2019