What are the most basic and commonly used makeup brushes?

What are the most basic and commonly used makeup brushes?

Common makeup brush set has so many combinations.

Generally, each brush set contains brushes from 4 to more than 20 pieces. According to the different function of each brushes, they can be divided into foundation brush, concealer brush, powder brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, contouring brush, lip brush, eyebrow brush and so on.

Foundation brush

A lot of professional colour makeup master prefer to use foundation brush to finish the make-up foundation, because foundation brush can make the appearance bright, won’t looks massiness. 

foundation brush set for blush contouring liquid powder

Concealer brush

As its name implies, it is used to paint concealer product in somewhere of your face to cover some little flaw, like spot, blain imprint, black rim of the eye and so on.It can help you beautify detailed parts.

small concealer brush

Powder brush

Powder brush helps to create more natural and soft look than what powder puff does, and it also can help to save powder. Powder brush is one of the important tools to most makeup artist.

oem powder brush kit

Blush brush

A good blush brush will make your blush looks more natural instead of a hard red. Long and soft brush bristles can paint your cheek while do not destroy your basic makeup.

flared cut blush brush

Eye shadow brush

The eye shadow brush can show a soft color, and can be subdivided into many different models according to the function. If you don’t know how to choose, it is recommended to buy a large, medium and small eye shadow brush.

7pcs white eyebrushes


Contouring brush

Apply a shadow color after makeup, used to refine facial contours, large size can be used for honey powder brush.

cosmetic brush


Lip brush

A good lip brush can help you draw more complex lips and make your lips look easier. When choosing a lip brush, hold the front end of the bristles with your fingers. If it is full and elastic, it is a good lip brush.

lip brush


Eyebrow brush

There is not too much to introduce, everyone must understand. Eyebrows can be combed and separated by it.

angled brow brush


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