How to use Makeup Brush?

How to use Makeup Brush?

Foundation brush

Foundation brush is used for brushing the foundation. It makes the foundation more compliant and more translucent. The MM likes to use the liquid foundation which makes the makeup more effectively.


Usage of foundation brush:

Pour a coin-sized liquid foundation into the palm of your hand and use a foundation brush to remove it. Then use the fork method to sweep the foundation onto the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, and use the one-line method to repeatedly brush gently to create a light foundation. The brush of the makeup brush is hard, so the strength should be controlled to avoid damage to the skin.

I like to use the liquid foundation. And it looks better.


Blush Brush

The blush brush is petite, generally flat, also has other shapes. Different shapes of the brush head can brush different effects.


The usage of blush brush:

Use a blush brush to apply a proper amount of blush, then gently touch the tissue to adjust the depth of the blush. The method of brushing the blush is from the back to the front and is slanted. If you want to be a little cute, you can brush it in a circle; if you want a little personality, brush the long blush at a higher position.


Eye shadow brush

The biggest feature of the eye shadow brush is to evenly color the range, which can create a layered eye shadow makeup.


The usage of eye shadow brush:

MM can first to use the bright color eyeshadow from the center of the eye socket to make a transition to the two sides, creating a three-dimensional blooming feeling. It is also possible to apply eye shadows of different colors layer by layer to create a horizontal smudge effect.


Eyebrow brush

MM people don’t ignore to draw eyebrows. Bad eyebrows will make the whole makeup fall short. Of course, you should use the eyebrow brush to draw the eyebrows to let it be more three-dimensional.


The usage of eyebrow brush:

First, use the eyebrow brush to apply the eyebrow powder that is close to the hair color. Start from the brow to the eyebrow and then to the eyebrow. A small number of times and lightness are the key to creating a natural eyebrow.


Lip brush

The brush head of the lip brush is very small, in order to draw a delicate lip makeup. The lip brush can be applied with lipstick or lip gloss to make the color more even and lasting.


The usage of lip brush:

Use a lip brush to apply the lipstick and apply it evenly from the lower lip to create the perfect radiance. Then clean the lip brush, apply lip gloss, and gently apply the upper lip to create a crystal lip.


Post time: Jul-26-2019