Makeup Brushes for Beginners

Makeup Brushes for Beginners

Makeup Brushes for Beginners


Makeup is a compulsory course for every girl. If the full score is one hundred, how many points can you get?

For beginners, maybe the score is not so good. It doesn’t matter, we can change the result from the origin. In fact, It’s easy to learn makeup only if you have a great set of makeup brushes.


Now, Let me recommend one set of brushes for makeup beginners-Small Grape Brushes. I’ve been using this set of makeup brush for a year, it’s cheap and durable, suitable for most girls. For beginners, 12 types of brushes is enough and it’s the best choice to achieve a perfect makeup. In addition, It’s easy to distinguish the usage of these brushes.

For small grape brushes, the hair is made by synthetic, soft and durable. The ferrule is made by aluminum, it’s rust-proof. The handle is made by birch, the face is smooth and hard to deform. By the way, why call it small grape brushes? Because the color we painted with is just like the small grapes’.

Here are the names of 12 types brushes, could you help me match them?

Powder Brush – Full Coverage Kabuki – Foundation Brush – Blush Brush – High Gloss Brush – Concealer Brush – Nose Contouring Brush – Eye-Shadow Brushes – Halo Dye Brush – Eye Tail Brush – Brow Brush – Lip Brush



Come on! We can send you these great brushes from our factory no matter where you are, the name of your brand can be printed on these brushes. Welcome the wholesalers worldwide.

Post time: Jul-04-2019