The history of makeup brushes

The history of makeup brushes

How does a makeup brush developed?


For many centuries, makeup brushes, perhaps invented by the Egyptians, remained primarily in the realm of the wealthy. This bronze makeup brush was found in a Saxon cemetery and thought to date back to 500 to 600 AD.

bronze brush

The skills that The Chinese had been using animal-hair brushes since the B.C. days for their calligraphy, were quickly transferred to making cosmetic brushes.




Up to now, Germany and Japan maintain a very small culture of making excellent brush, usually for the most discerning luxury customers, and it is considered as a craft. But most production of brushes has been moved to other areas of Asia, primarily Korea, Taiwan and China.

Shenzhen,close to Hong Kong, now has over hundreds of factories that manufacture makeup brushes, according to Shenzhen MyColor Cosmetics Co.,Ltd, a leading makeup brush manufacturer.

Regardless of where the factory is based, the vast majority of makeup brushes remain hand-made. Because of the development in animal hair and constant changes in brush styles, brush hairs are usually tied,trimmed and shaped by hand. So a great amount of labor goes into makeup brushes factories.

hand made makeup brush

Most makeup brush factories manufacture brushes for cosmetics companies, for private-label brands or their own brands. That is to say, few cosmetics companies make their own makeup brushes.

Wherever they are made, modern makeup brushes represent the democratization of beauty for all women.

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