The reason why you don’t look good after so long makeup is the lack of TA

The reason why you don’t look good after so long makeup is the lack of TA

According to the use type of cosmetic brush

A bottom brush for dipping liquid foundation or foundation cream. Generally, oil and mixed skin girls are suitable for using makeup brush and makeup. Dry skin is best made with wet sponge eggs.

The shape of the base brush is mainly made of two kinds, one is flat head and the other is flat head. The flat head has larger brush head and faster makeup rate, which is suitable for the products with relatively thin texture and good concealer. But its powder mark will be more obvious. It's best to press it with a powder puff after use.

The flat brush hair is thick and soft. Applying makeup by dipping can well cover the pores and is not easy to leave brush marks. But the brush head is small, so it takes more time to apply makeup.

It can help you firmly hold the good makeup, and you can grab powdered honey powder or powder. It is softer and more natural than putting on makeup with honey powder, but it is the whole face fixed makeup after all. The loose powder brush should be large enough and thick enough to grasp the product.

A good blush brush can help you get more uniform on blush instead of a red face. It's smaller than the powder brush.

Cosmetic brush is mainly used to dip cosmetic products to modify the facial contour. It is divided into oblique shadow brush and fire seedling head highlight brush. Generally, the beveled face repair brush is more suitable for the facial structure, and it is a suitable size for the depressions on both sides of the cheek. The brush of huomiao head sweeps highlights, such as forehead, bridge of nose, area C, human and chin, which need to be brightened. The grooming brush of huomiao head is particularly suitable.

Eye shadow brushes include large, medium, small and sponge sticks. Many people feel dizzy when they see so many models. In fact, as long as you remember, the largest size has a thumb size, which is used for the bottom of light eye shadow. Medium size is the index finger size, for dark eye shadow. Small flat head eye shadow can be used to describe the detailed outline of the eye.

Concealer brushes are smaller, usually with tongue shape and flame type. The blemish brush on the flame head is suitable for covering the lip line and the edge position. The flat tongue is more suitable for covering dark circles, spots and acne marks.

The eyebrow brush is a small oblique mouth brush with hard bristles. It should not only grasp the powder, but also have strong coloring. It is used to apply eyebrow powder or faint the traces of eyebrow strokes. It is more natural and easy to use.

After finishing the eyebrow powder, brush the eyebrow similar to the brush in the spiral and mascara, and then dye it on the eyebrows. It will make the eyebrow makeup more uniform and natural.

Many people think lipstick should be applied directly. Why use a special brush? In fact, using a lip brush can draw you more stylish lips. All kinds of lip makeup can also be made better with a lip brush.

Eyeliner brush is collocation with eye liner. The general brush is hard, so it is better to control the intensity and brush direction.

As the name suggests, it is used to remove the excess flying powder after facial makeup to make the makeup cleaner.

Post time: Apr-06-2022