How to Clean your Makeup Bag?

How to Clean your Makeup Bag?

The spring cleaning season is coming soon! As you’re busy dusting, mopping and deep cleaning your home, don’t ignore your makeup bag.

That bundle of beauty products needs a little attention too. If your makeup stash is anything like mine, it has become quite a mess over the year.

Here’s how to naturally spring-clean your makeup bag in several steps.


Step One

Empty out your makeup bag. Go ahead and go through your makeup collection and throw out expired items.


Step Two

Turn your makeup bag upside-down and shake it over a trash can to get rid of loose debris. Set the bag aside. Grab a clean cloth and dampen it with cold water. Apply a few drops of soap to a corner of the rag. Rub that corner with another until you’ve made suds, then take your sudsy cloth and wipe out your dirty makeup bag.


Step Three

Rinse the bag with clean water, then turn it inside-out and let it dry completely. You can speed up the drying process by using a blow dryer set to low or cool. Don’t put the hair dryer too close to the bag!


Step Four

Like we mentioned earlier, using dirty makeup tools can be bad for your looks and your health. So while you wait for your bag to dry, clean the makeup brushes that go inside. Check out the section on makeup brushes & makeup sponges in our How to Clean Brushes & sponges Cleaning Tip.


A Clean Makeup Bag is a Healthy Makeup Bag

You apply makeup to your largest and most vulnerable organ. Give your skin a break and make sure the things you put on it won’t do it harm. Clean your makeup bag several times a year to keep your skin health & happy.

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Post time: Jan-19-2020